Lucky Dip Twixt / Wired Head Wrap

We're making way for new season fabrics & need to rehouse some old favourites.

That's lucky for you because you can snap up a lucky dip Twixt for some surprise fun!

What will you get? It could be a 'skinny' (a narrower Twixt we make from the end of a fabric roll), or it could be a standard width Twixt. It could be any one of our fabulous designs, not knowing is all part of the fun!

No more knots! This wired head wrap means you just twist it to secure and you're out the door looking divine. No more headaches from tight headbands, no more sliding scarves, no more tricky knots... just comfortable, fabulous, effortless style!

This versatile head scarf can be worn many ways - it's your go-to solution for a bad hair day made better!

The wire makes styling so easy and the head band measures a generous 8cm wide ( for standard do rags) or 5-7cm wide (for skinny do rags) and 88cm long (approx.) meaning you can really work it to suit your look – plenty of tail for making a big generous bow or rosette; or tuck it under for a sleeker look; make a hat band; fold it in half lengthways for a skinny… or create your own style!

Feeling gorgeous starts with great hair, so we’ve got you covered!

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