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Eco Statement

Environmental standards are really important to us, and every decision we make takes this into consideration.

All our products are planned and designed with waste reduction as a key consideration. The fabric is cut in small batches to reduce waste and make every centimetre count. We're always striving to work towards a zero waste workshop, and that means we don't send our fabric offcuts or surplus meterage to landfill. Instead we sort it, package it and make it available to you for amazing creative projects! Shop our salvaged fabric range here.

Power consumed in our workshop is generated by solar power.

Our products are displayed on recycled cardboard, and our packaging is plastic free!

We try to source from ethical environmental companies and suppliers, and businesses local to our region wherever possible.

Our postage packaging is either new boxes made from recycled materials, or clean boxes reclaimed from waste and reused, and packing materials used are repurposed clean waste product.

We ship via Australia Post, who have committed to carbon neutral delivery and have undertaken measures to reduce their carbon footprint and offset carbon emissions.

We make our products and operate our business to the highest standard so they last for many years and don’t contribute to the blight of fast throwaway fashion!

It's not hard to do these things, and we believe every positive action counts for the future. There is no Planet B.

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