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Our Twixt are made from the finest quality cotton, linen, organic cotton and cotton/linen blends. We did overturn the no-synthetics-in-our-workshop rule just to let in some sumptuous velvets, but the rest of the range is true to our ethics. The wire is durable, soft on your head, long wearing and sealed so it is totally washable.

Twixt - appproximately 88cm x 8cm, which is plenty of length for great styling options.

We've never found a head they didn't fit in one way or another. If you have a small head, you get plenty more ends for styling, or just tuck them in out of the way. If you have a large head, you still get plenty to play with... but if you want even more, I've seen some customers do amazing styling using one around the head, and a second one to make a big extravagant rosette!

We don't recommend them for babies and toddlers because the wire could be a strangulation risk. Older children love them!

Twixt - Handwash or in the washing machine inside a wash bag, in cold water. Dry in the shade to keep the colours vibrant. Hot iron, avoiding ironing directly over the plastic coated wire.

Nope! It's sealed so you don't need to worry about that.

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We sure do! Shoot us an email and we'll give you all the info.

The name is a bit of a dig at an early assumption that we just dabbled in a bit of craft in our spare time. We don't do craft, we're a front for the great hair revolution!

Ummm, maybe not right now, but our range changes all the time, so it could definitely happen. If you browse our collections often, you'll be amazed at what can turn up!

We love your questions, so please get in touch if you have other questions not covered here!

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