What’s a ‘do rag?

‘do rags
Wired headwear that makes a bad hair day good and a good hair day even better!
Why? Because they’re the ultimate versatile headwear. Comfortable – not a torniquet for your head. Do away with bobby pins and complicated knots – just twist in place and you’re out the door looking divine!

Oh my goodness, all the fabrics! We use the finest quality cotton and linen fabrics in the funkiest prints and most scrumptious solid colours. The range always has over 100 designs, so whether you’re a freak for skulls, a boho gypsy or as pretty as a princess, we’ve got you all done up!

Maybe you’ve already worn some inferior wired headwear and been frustrated when the wire squiggles up inside…or maybe the wire was poor quality, spiky and uncomfortable? Not ours! We trap our wire in a stitched channel to make sure it stays exactly where we want it. Control freaks, that’s us. This method ensures a perfect comfortable fit around any head size or shape, with the perkiest corners on your twist, every time! And the wire? Plastic-coated, multi-stranded, washable, strong, durable, and up for whatever style challenges you throw at it!

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