We've overhauled our international shipping!

Covid has played havoc with international shipping services, and been the demise of the Economy Air option, so we've had unavoidable price rises. We've done an overhaul on our shipping methods, found you the most economical options, and calculated how you can get the best value from your purchase with flat rates!
Hot tip: It's cheaper to bulk buy, so you could get some friends together and put in a larger order to save $$ on shipping.
Here's a scenario - Jane, in Los Angeles, is having a terrible hair day, so she buys an AntiCraft Twixt. She pays $19 shipping. That a lot, we agree!
At the same time, Belinda from New York is having a terrible hair day, and so are her 5 friends. Between them, they place an order for 6 AntiCraft Twixt, and pay $21 for shipping. That's just $3.50 each, and they'll have enough change to go out for a drink when restrictions lift and celebrate their great hair days!
The moral of the story: Bargain hunting works better when you hunt as a pack.


AntiCraft do rag / surgical face mask hack that will keep you safe,  comfortable & rocking pandemic fashion.

AntiCraft Twixt / face mask hack

We're hearing too many stories of essential workers whose ears are sore and bleeding from wearing surgical masks all day. Here's a simple hack designed for our Twixt wired head wraps that'll fix the problem, yet keep you totally rocking pandemic fashion.

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