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Bright Abstract - OTT XL Volumising Scrunchie

Supersize your scrunchie game!

We're not messing about here, nobody likes a stingy scrunchie. So we've taken 1.5m (!!) lengths of fabric and turned them into seriously cool oversize OTT XL Volumising Scrunchies.

They will bulk up your messy buns, take your space buns to stratospheric levels, and make a plain pony into a statement style.

They're wide enough to go round most buns and pony's 2-3 times depending on your hair thickness. Curly girls will appreciate the smooth rayon fabric that minimises damage to curls. The elastic we use is wide and sturdy so it'll last for ages and has enough strength to hold heavy hair and dreads.

Why not grab two and rock some space buns?!

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