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It all started with a bad hair year!

In desperation, Aki took a piece of beautiful fabric, stitched in a durable wire and created the first Twixt prototype. Turns out she wasn't suffering alone, and then everybody wanted one... or two... or a collection.

So she gathered together a group of women who share a passion for fabric, are highly skilled in sewing fast in straight lines,
love meeting customers at markets, and have a dedication to save the world one bad hair day at a time.

This is the commonly accepted history of AntiCraft, but if we’re being completely honest, Aki also has a compulsive fabric purchasing ‘problem’ and is grateful every day to have found an outlet that makes this compulsion look socially acceptable and economically viable. Without it, she’d have cupboards full of fabric, a very stressed accountant, and have outgrown the space in her house several times over!

AntiCraft is an entirely Australian owned company, and our products are 100% Australian made. We're passionate about supporting creative industry in Australia by paying fair wages and creating employment opportunities. We’re also passionate about coffee, not killing the indoor plants, and the perpetually futile hunt for the perfect sewing chair. We want to create a safe and positive work environment - a place that we’re happy to show up to every morning, and satisfied and fulfilled to leave at the end of the day.

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