RED - Premium Bamboo Stretchy Head Wrap

Our Twixt fix your bad hair days... but our wraps keep all your secrets!

Thanks to the Corona virus / hairdresser crisis, we've created the ultimate hair wrap to dress up the messy bun that pretty much everyone is rocking right now. It covers a multitude of sins - regrowth, home hair cuts, DIY dye jobs, styling apathy and those dreaded work-from-home teleconference appearances. Of course you'll look fabulous, but the best bit is it'll  look like you've made an effort, but it's so easy that you'll hardly have to leave the couch.

Each wrap is hand cut from the most deliciously soft and stretchy premium bamboo fabric (96% bamboo and 4% elastane), in a rectangular shape with tapered ends, and measures ≈24x90cm. The fabric has 4-way stretch so it completely moulds arounds your head without needing to be tight - it feels like a gentle hug for your hair!

And let's be real, we could all do with a hug right now. Here's a virtual one from AntiCraft!

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