Customer feedback

“I have bad hair days as an excuse to wear ‘do rags!” – Jodie

“Already worn this a few times and had compliments each time. It’s really easy to put on, and then stays put throughout the day with minor adjustments. You can even shape it as the day wears on if your ears get sore like mine :-). This gingham is rockin and I’m thinking about buying another one so I can change it up! Thanks so much!!” – Chelsea

“Bought this and another as a present (that I get to “borrow”) and they are truly fantastic, so easy to use! This particular fabric is stunning. Aki was super lovely and pleasant to deal with as well. Would highly recommend.” – Jasmin

“Collecting them all❤️❤️” – Chooky

“Love love love! Super cute and well made. It’s a generous size with a lot of hair coverage! Gorgeous fabric!” – Teddi

“This item is GORGEOUS and very easy to wear. Love the bendable wire – makes it fit perfectly. I love it. Thanks so much. ” – Rebecca

“Love .. Love .. LOVE Aki’s do-rags!!! Have almost lost count of how many I’ve bought! Good length and wire allows me to adjust style as I prefer.” – Janet

“I adore this do rag, love the Wonder Woman print and so easy to use. I wasn’t sure it would work on my long, thick hair but it’s awesome. I think I have to buy more!! Thank you.” – Skyewalker

“Gorgeous fabric, so, so easy to style. Such a fantastic and beautiful solution to bad hair days. Delivery was super fast. Thanks!” – Natty

“Love it! good quality and stays in place!” – Kim

“The greatest! Well made, wider than average, wonderful fabric – such colours!” – Lynilynx

“Do rags are the greatest thing ever. So happy and quick delivery. So many styles to choose from. I’ve already got 4 and suit my work uniform perfectly” – Sharni

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