What January means to AntiCraft

January 30, 2020

AntiCraft new website

January is traditionally quiet for retail, but in many ways, it's our busiest time of year! During the crazy pre-Christmas retail period of October to December - when the sewing machine is running hot, orders are streaming in, we're on a first name basis with the couriers, and we're packing the travelling show for market season - a lot of other stuff gets put on the back burner. You might've noticed a hashtag we used a lot during that time #januaryisforsleeping. Turns out January was also for stocktake, planning, fabric ordering, a bit of socialising, and a restructure of our storage area.

But most excitingly, January is also for the website rebuild that has been long overdue!

Moving away from our old Etsy storefront means that we can make our online shopping experience much more interactive and fun. We can feature new products, and create product collections for you to browse. We can offer more options for payment, including Afterpay. We can introduce videos on how to style your do rags. We can feel all fresh and sparkly again!

We also have exciting news for our wholesale stockists... now you can pick your order online! No more email lists and not being sure about availabilty. You're welcome!

We hope you enjoy the new website - get in touch, let us know. If there's things you'd like to see added, we'd love to hear about them.

x Aki

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