Two and a half wombats

January 30, 2020

Wombats and the importance of donating to wildlife rescue after the devastating fires in Australia in 2020.

Like most of Australia, I've been deeply upset by the fires around the country, and a bit overwhelmed by indecision about what I can do to help. After much thought and research, I decided that AntiCraft would give generously to charities supporting the medical aid, rehabilition and feeding of native wildlife impacted by fire and drought conditions. Their role is overwhelming, their workforce is almost entirely voluntary, and their importance is critical.

I chose WIRES - Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service, a NSW-based organisation for our first donation because in December we drove through parts of NSW that had been burnt, and it was devastating. The fires got much worse after we passed through, and I can't begin to imagine what horrors they now face.

Even when the fires are eventually out, the care of the injured animals, the rehabilitation, and the ongoing need to supplement food in the wild will be ongoing, and it's on a scale I don't think has been experienced in Australia before.

WIRES says the cost to feed different animals in care varies greatly from species to species, and at different ages, but they give the following as a guide:

  • $200 will feed a wombat joey for 20 weeks*
  • $100 will feed a kangaroo joey for 10 weeks
  • $50 will feed a wallaby joey for 10 weeks
  • $20 will feed brushtail possum joeys for 16 weeks
  • $10 will feed ringtail possum joeys for 4 months

*Wombat joeys can be in care longer than any other species, often needing care for up to 2 years before they can be released.

I like to think of our January donation as feeding two and a half wombats!

Here's a direct link if you'd like to donate to WIRES too.

x Aki

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