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March 04, 2020

Cardboard cotton reels - one way that AntiCraft has made a positive change in their business to reduce waste and use less plastic. Read their blog about other environmental changes they've made.

We're always looking for ways that we can run a more sustainable, and less wasteful business. A big change we've made is the commitment to use sewing thread that comes on cardboard spools that are 100% recyclable and compostable. When you're sewing many kilometres worth of thread each year, these spools can quickly pile up. Most threads come on single use plastic spools that can't be recycled, and we don't want that on our conscience!

We encourage all businesses to think sustainably, and as well as having big environmental policies, always look at the everyday processes, and look for small ways that changes can be made... because every little bit matters!

Here's just a couple of other ways we've found we can make change within AntiCraft:

- We don't purchase any packing materials! Instead we collect materials like brown paper, packing peanuts, and bubblewrap that come with deliveries to a local business (who would otherwise throw them out), and we reuse them as our packaging. This gives them at least one more useful life, and we hope our customers will reuse them as well.

- Our manufacturing process is heavily dependent on doing a lot of ironing...and that chews through electricity! We did some costings, installed solar panels and batteries, and now our ironing is guilt free and powered by the sun.

We'd love to hear about ways you've found you can make a difference in your business.

x Aki

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