AntiCraft do rag / face mask hack

April 07, 2020

AntiCraft do rag / surgical face mask hack that will keep you safe,  comfortable & rocking pandemic fashion.

We're hearing too many stories of essential workers whose ears are sore and bleeding from wearing surgical masks all day. Here's a simple do rag hack that'll fix the problem, yet keep you totally rocking pandemic fashion.

Buttons! Yes, just simple buttons.

We know essential workers are already doing so much...we'd love to make these for you... but the reason we're not sewing buttons on is so that you can customise the position to fit your unique face and head shape, and ensure the absolute safest mask placement!

Just put a do rag on in your favourite style, mark where you want your buttons, and stitch them on. Easy!

And if you need more do rags for this and don't have any sewing equipment, use the code GOTNOBUTTONS at checkout, or send us a message with your order, and we'll include a free kit of a sewing needle, thread and some buttons so you won't even need to leave the house.

Stay safe, stay well, & go wash your hands!
x Aki

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