About AntiCraft


Aki was having a bad hair year and the first ‘do rag was created out of necessity and desperation. The results were inspiring, and when combined with her background in product and graphic design, became the ultimate solution to a making a bad hair day good and a good hair day even better!  Her own bad hair year is long resolved, but her love for ‘do rags remains. She’s still at the sewing machine most days, creating ‘do rags with the same quality and attention to detail as the first ones she ever made for herself.


Kim is the CEO of the ironing department. Usually found behind a cloud of steam, she’s singlehandedly worn through an ironing board, burnt out an iron, and reduced poor Iris the Ironing Board Cover to rags. She also has the dubious distinction of being the creator of The Unicorn – a style suggestion that Aki immediately dubbed a don’t rag!


Sally is CEO of the AntiCraft outpost, the Ric Rac Room, where she sews parts of the process on a vintage treadle sewing machine. She considers herself under-dressed if she’s not wearing a ‘do rag.


Iris [2000-2016]
The original AntiCraft ironing board cover.


The original face of AntiCraft. Stella used to come to markets with us, but her legs are so unruly that she tripped customers over. Now she’s our studio model…hence the tears.


Ivy comes to markets now. She gets loads of attention…and frankly could probably manage to look a bit less pissed off about it.


Mostly Guy just broods in the corner. He’s outnumbered by women and feels marginalised in the workplace. His workmates find him rigid and unyielding, but they keep him around because he looks great in his ‘do rag neckerchief.

AntiCraft HQ
AntiCraft began in a hallway…and now fills a room. Occasionally it needs to be beaten back at the doorways lest it take over the whole building. We’re proud that we operate with the smallest environmental footprint we can – a Sunshine Coast, home-based studio that is almost entirely solar powered.


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